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paanibag reguler -color festival- [6th] Gray

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color: Gray-Lblue-pb44


color festival!!

paanibag has 190 different color combinations.

At the Color Festival, 77 color combinations were produced in small batches.

[ 1st] (soft blue)

[Second] Blue / (light blue)

[Part 3] Pink/ (soft pink)/ (light pink)

[4th] Purple/S.purple (soft purple)

[No.5] Yellow/S.yellow (soft yellow)/Green

★ [6th] Gray

[No.7] Black

[8th] Brown/S.brown (soft brown)

* Times were divided by color in the table. But you can use it reversibly!

*White/Red/Orange is not manufactured in the table.

There are many people who are worried about too many colors! ?

→In such a case, choose from 6 to 10 popular colors (regular sales) !

[How many times ] Are there many colors that you are interested in? Let's decide from among them!

→ You can see the order of popularity on Instagram stories! @lagimusim_official


  • product name : paanibag
  • size : REGULER W43, H50~55cm (varies slightly depending on the knot)
  • materials: 100% nylon
  • Set: Kinchaku daily (Kinchaku has the same color scheme as the bag, one color for the bag and one color for the string)
  • country: All made in JAPAN
  • Factory: Yamanashi Prefecture (Skett Factory: Tokyo)
  • Fabric: Tohoku region


  • Because there are many sewing processes, the fabric may be damaged. We are very careful. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Be careful not to tangle with Velcro or sharp objects.
  • Actual colors may differ slightly from those on your screen.
  • Please make sure the knot of the bag is tightly tied before use.

More detailed explanation

  • If you would like to see wearing photos, etc., please visit the paanibagREGULER product page or Instagram @lagimusim_official Please refer to the.


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