About paani fabric

About paani fabric

How to care

  • You can wash it. We recommend hand washing. The color did not fade in the test, but it cannot be said that it is not due to the difference in detergent etc.
  • It dries quickly. Please avoid the dryer. Wipe well and dry in the shade.
  • You can apply a cloth and iron at low temperature, but please note that it will melt when the temperature rises.

About color

  • The fabric is all 19 colors.
  • There are 190 combinations of two colors.

Fabric properties

  • It stretches horizontally and does not stretch vertically.
  • Please note that sticking to the velcro or sharp objects may cause "twitching" or damage to the fabric.

If you get caught ...
Fir left and right on the part that is tuned. Gently pull it to make it less noticeable. If you pull it strongly, the fabric may be avoided, so please do it gently.

Photo: Attach the velcro → It will be pulled when peeled off → Fir fir on the side (stretching side) → It has become less noticeable!

Even if a hole is made, it will not fray immediately.

It's a material similar to stockings, but it doesn't have similar transmission lines.

Photo: Hooked and punctured → Does not fray even if stretched horizontally or vertically

made in Japan

Light and soft fabrics are produced in the Tohoku region and carefully cut and sewn at a factory in Yamanashi prefecture. Designed and sold by Lagimusim. It has been selected as a souvenir for overseas as all made in Japan.

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