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About paani fabric

About the fabric

Care instructions

  • You can wash your clothes. We recommend hand washing. The color didn't fade in the test, but I can't say that it won't because of the difference in detergents.
  • It dries quickly. Please avoid the dryer. Please wipe it well and dry it in the shade.
  • You can use a pressing cloth and iron it at a low temperature, but please be aware that it will melt if the temperature rises.

About color

  • There are 19 colors of fabric.
  • There are 190 possible combinations of two colors.

If you get stuck...

Fir fir the part that is tung to the left and right. A gentle tug will make it inconspicuous. If you pull too hard, the fabric may come loose, so please be gentle.

Photo: With Velcro tape → When peeled off, it gets pulled → Firming on the side (stretching side) → ​Not noticeable!

Even if there is a hole, it will not fray immediately.

The material is similar to stockings, but does not have the same running lines.

Photo: A hole was made by hooking → ​It does not fray even if it is stretched horizontally or vertically

​paani bag Tips for tying the handle

You can adjust the length by changing the knot.

① Separate the strings by color and spread them out.

② Cross the right string upwards and tie

③ Tie with the upper left cross

④ Arrange the ribbon in a cute position

● See also paanibag features .

Made in Japan

The light and soft fabric is produced in the Tohoku region and carefully cut and sewn at a factory in Yamanashi prefecture. Designed and sold by Lagimusim. It is also selected as a souvenir for overseas as all made in Japan. Please take a look at our commitment to making products made in Japan and our commitment to the environment .

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