Commitment made in Japan

Made in Japan

All Lagimusim products are made in Japan.

The fabric of paanibag is made in the Tohoku region.

Cutting and sewing are made at a factory in Yamanashi prefecture.

Commitment made in Japan ①

Thorough efforts to reduce dust in the manufacturing process.

When considering the dimensions of the product, in addition to "cuteness of the finished product" and "ease of use", we are conscious of "fabric width".

For example, by dividing the width of the fabric into four equal parts of 180 cm, there is almost no excess fabric for the width. (The part marked in red is the part that becomes garbage, and is the edge of the fabric or the folded part of the fabric.)


In addition, the fabric left over from the handle of the bag is made into a drawstring purse or pouch, or a string used for a flag or purse, etc.


Commitment made in Japan ②

Don't make too much. Balanced production.

It cannot be said unconditionally, but at overseas factories where labor costs are low and can be built at low cost, we are aiming to support many employees on a large site and thoroughly improve efficiency, so we have to manage the number. You will have a lot of production, inventory, and sales quotas.

Gross domestic product does not change the strictness of low-volume production, but I think we can cover it through communication.

One of the charms of Lagimusim bags is that they come in a wide variety of colors, so it feels like Japan to be able to produce small quantities of colors and provide detailed support.

By expressing my desire to have a long relationship, I feel that the factory is taking Lagimusim for me.

In addition, by telling how much inventory Lagimusim holds, sales status, outlook for this year, etc., we will prevent overproduction and prevent overproduction and the sales status so that the production system of the factory will not be overwhelmed. Balanced production.

There is no word for balanced production, but it is neither a large quantity nor a small quantity, and it is a style of producing while balancing, so we will call it balanced production. w

Question about price "Is mass production cheaper?"

At the Lagimusim factory, the price does not change whether you make 20 pieces of one color or 2000 pieces.

The reason is that the time and effort differs greatly between 1 and 20, but the time and effort does not change between 20 and 2000.

It is not a fully automatic machine, but people make it one by one using a sewing machine.

If you have a one-time relationship, the brand and the factory will negotiate the price, and it will be a story of how many pieces, but if you have a long relationship, the factory will also make good things together. , The price is set in a well-balanced manner from a long-term perspective. (Balanced price)


Commitment made in Japan ③

Zero waste.

Since we are doing balanced production, there is no wasted inventory.

Lagimusim does not take the common sense of apparel [produce every season, sell unsold, and discard if left].

Certainly, I want to release a new work and have fun, so I will release a new work, but my stance is that I should be able to release one masterpiece of the whole body.

Good things that will be loved for a long time.

Unlike food, it does not spoil, but it is still fresh. When you are conscious of freshness, you will think of new things, but I feel that the longer you make something new, the shorter the period of keeping it fresh.

I am conscious of taking the time to get to know each product carefully and to convey it firmly.


Commitment made in Japan ④

Japanese quality.

For example, paanibag is reversible, but the factory suggested to sew the corners. It's easy to reversible and looks good, so we're always looking for better suggestions (despite our increased process).

I feel that the pride, which is a Japanese product, is much more conscious of the factory than us at Lagimusim. Only 2.0% of the clothes distributed in Japan in 2019 are domestic products. I hear a lot of harsh stories about the experience of our business partners switching to overseas production, the closure of our fellow factories, and so on, but I feel that such experience is linked to our pride in "Japanese quality." I am.

The consciousness of those who actually move their hands to make it is reflected in the quality as it is. Lagimusim is a product that reflects more because I often choose fabrics that are difficult to sew.

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