Features of paani bag

Features of paani bag

  1. Soft and light!
  2. It's surprisingly okay to put heavy things in! (*)
  3. You can carry it small with a pouch!
  4. Reversible and enjoy the colors!
  5. You can change the position of the knot

(*) Please note that if you insert a sharp or angular object, it may be torn. It is not a guarantee, and you are responsible for putting valuable things inside.

(*) The contents I bought at the supermarket in the photo below weigh 4.6 kg. I put 3 2 liter PET bottles and tested it for 1 year, but there is no problem. Since it has not been tested for durability, its strength is not guaranteed.

(*) Make sure that the knot is tightly tied before using.

5 sizes
* Height varies depending on the knot

sizewideheghtheight(Bottom to bottom of curve)

Each is a set with a drawstring purse


Pocket size to carry your smartphone.


It is just right for toddlers to hang diagonally, and shoulder bag size for elementary school students. A convenient size for adults to put their wallets and accessories in and go out to the neighborhood.


Adult shoulder bag size. Most popular.


The size is just right for adults to hang diagonally.


The size and width are just right for adults to hang diagonally.


​paani bag -Tips on how to tie a handle

① Spread the string by color

② Cross the right string up and tie it

③ Connect with the upper left cross

④ Arrange the ribbon in a cute position

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