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Features of paanibag

Features of paanibag

(*) Please be aware that sharp or angular objects may tear. It is not a guarantee, please take your own responsibility when putting valuable items inside.

(*) The weight of the contents I bought at the supermarket in the photo below is 4.6kg. I've tested it for a year with three 2-liter plastic bottles, and there are no problems. It has not been tested for durability, so we do not guarantee its strength.

(*) Please use it after confirming that the knot is tightly tied.

5 sizes

*Height varies depending on the knot

size wide height
height ( bottom to bottom of curve)
SS 12 65 or 75 18
SMALL 28 45~50 twenty one
REGULAR 43 50~55 32
LONG 43 80~85 31
BIG 58

    Each is a drawstring purse and a set

    Drawstring size wide height bag and set
    Purse S (found) Ten 9.5 SS/SMALL
    Purse R (dairy) 17.5 twenty two REGULER/LONG/BIG
    Purse BIG (Travel) 35

    paanibag height comparison.jpg


    SS is a pocket size that allows you to carry your smartphone around.

    SMALL is perfect for toddlers to wear diagonally, and shoulder bag size for elementary school students. A convenient size for adults to put their wallets and small items in when going out to the neighborhood.


    ​paani bag Tips for tying the handle

    ① Separate the strings by color and spread them out.

    ② Cross the right string upwards and tie

    ③ Tie with the upper left cross

    ④ Arrange the ribbon in a cute position

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