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A quick decoration, and voila! The party venue is ready.Use the flags to create a fun mood for your fun time!

Flags when not in use can be compactly stored; it is made of cloth, so you can use it as many times as you like.

Can be used for home party,birthday party,wedding party,Christmas party,camping site, etc....


  • product name : Lagimusim Flag
  • size : 約24cm×8枚(190cm)+There are 1-meter-long strings on each side of flags.
  • materials : Nylon100%
  • country : all made in JAPAN
  • color : 8 different colors of fabric, out of 19, are randomly selected. The color of the string is also selected randomly. (Both sides are of the same colors, though.)


  • Please note that the colors of flags are not exactly the same as displayed in the photo, since the 8 colors are selected randomly.
  • Meticulous care is taken to prevent damage to the fabric. We regret any defects caused while crafting the necklaces and solicit your kind consideration for the same.
  • Velcro tapes or sharp objects may cause a run in the fabric.
  • More about texture:Here

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  • The actual color of the product may be slightly different from photos displayed.

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