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Today is Ragimsim birth story.No19

Today I cleaned the children's elementary school pool in the morning. I rubbed it with a deck brush and made it shiny.

After that, we had a zoom meeting for the Chinese translation of the shopping site. For the first time in about 10 years, I spoke with a junior from the Ankoku Butoh era who is in Taiwan. We laughed as we both became old men.

Well then, Saturday and Sunday will be the continuation of the Ragimsim birth story series. Continuing from last Sunday.

Start preparing for your first exhibition. I think the exhibition space was 1m✖️2m. Check the overall flow of the exhibition. The exhibition will be held for 3 days, and the work will be delivered and finished the day before. After the third day, the exhibition will be taken apart and removed on the same day. The venue will be used for four days in total.

It was at this point that I realized that this flow is the same as that of the underground theater company. I've been experiencing all kinds of patterns for about 10 years. On the day of the event, we say "nori-uchi" and bring it in, put on a performance, take it apart and take it down. There are also one-day performances.

If you replace the exhibition with the performance, the product is the stage work, the furniture for the exhibition is the stage equipment, and the creator is the director.

I wonder if I can use what I learned in my underground days here! And I thought that there is nothing to waste in life www

What I learned from my 10 years of underground experience is that it is very important for a director to make quick decisions. At an exhibition, the creator is the director.

I have hosted many performances myself, and of course I have all the power to make decisions. Rehearsals, stage equipment, sound, lighting, flyers (performance flyers), etc., all need to be decided down to the smallest detail. Honestly, there is no right answer, so it's a waste of time to worry about it. The more I want to make a good work, the more difficult it is to decide. However, the time passed steadily and the production was in a half-finished situation. There are so many. It's the worst.

Anyway, it's a quick decision. If you notice a mistake, you just have to fix it.

But it's the first time you don't even notice your mistakes.

Let's go back to the exhibition and continue tomorrow.

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