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Ragimsim Birth Story.No11

It's already the weekend ❣️Good night ❗️

Yesterday, I sent a DM requesting a model, but the model gave me an OK-I'm so happy😂I'm glad-I'm a motivated man with makeup, styling, and art direction so that I can take cute pictures❗️

On Saturdays and Sundays when I'm off, I'm serializing the Ragim birth story. Continuing from last week.

I carried poetry books and essay-like books with few words to Kiba Park, and picked up beautifully colored leaves and pinched them.

When my family was in Kyoto during the fall foliage season, I went to Ohara Sanzen-in Temple and Tofukuji Temple, and my parents and I used to put beautiful leaves in a poem book. smile

Other than that, I went to mountains that I could reach by train, and even though I took an airplane to go to Hokkaido, where the autumn leaves come early, the leaves were all falling apart, so I went sightseeing, went to the hot springs, ate sushi, and then went home. .

The maple leaves at Tofukuji Temple in Kyoto were the best, but I think Kiba Park is the place where you can get the most beautiful leaves of all kinds.

Well then, See you tomorrow!

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