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June weeds and garden herbs grow early

The weather is fine today. Herbs and weeds grow very fast in June. I need to mow the lawn ASAP...and there's wild animal poop in the garage! I hate it. Leave it for now.

First thing in the morning, I start writing important documents for opening an account with a client, and since I can't finish it right away, I'll carry it over to tomorrow.

Every day from 11:00, local bank officials came to explain subsidies and other matters. Thanks for the detailed information.

After that, the two of us had a company meeting. Think about the amount of money to spend on the overseas expansion subsidy project. 1/3 will surely disappear at your own expense! It's money. Pretty hard.

And readjust the sales price of the new distribution tote. After all, the price setting is basically three times the cost price, but my deflationary mind will affect it. It's difficult.

That's how it was today. see you tomorrow.

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