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Herb smells good when you touch it.

It's sunny again today. First thing in the morning, I'm going to pull out the weeds. Various herbs appeared. It smelled good on my hands.

In the morning, the two of us talked about the pricing of the canvas tote, which was a continuation of yesterday. The ingrained deflationary mindset that keeps fighting within us and proper? There is no excuse for high pricing. Ultimately, it's about the brand and our own philosophy, or rather, our thoughts. .

In the afternoon, I worked on product packaging and went to the dealer to change the car's engine oil.

After returning home, this is the second meeting for the overseas expansion subsidy project. The support company proposed two methods. Roughly speaking, one is to rent a space in Bangkok, Thailand and hold an installation type exhibition. The second is to hold a parni bag exhibition in Singapore or Bangkok.

I made it an installation type exhibition. I'm going to put out a lot of ideas on how to exhibit from tomorrow. I'm motivated.

It was today.

see you tomorrow.

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