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Yesterday's fatigue made my legs feel heavy.

The weather is nice today and it feels good. The fatigue from yesterday remains and my body feels heavy. In the morning, we talked about yesterday's shoot. The model this time has a strong body and is very cool. I have dietary restrictions. I feel like I'm doing my best with a lot of fun, and it feels great. I wanted to shoot her training scene as well. Let's ask.

After that, thankfully, I received an email that I would like to handle, so please reply. Working on product packaging. Corresponding to the shipment of catalog gifts. Think of a catchphrase for the new tote. I can't concentrate for some reason, so I took a 40-minute walk on the back mountain.

After returning home, I checked the wholesale page and 3D model of the shopping site to see if there was a ZOZOTOWN link from the delivery warehouse. It's over.

Both of us were able to go to the pediatrics without crying to vaccinate the children! After that, I was running around with more energy than usual. Child power!

It was today. see you tomorrow.

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