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Heavy rain & cold.

It's raining and cold today. My eldest son, who usually walks to the elementary school bus, said he didn't want to walk.

When I tried to stock Amazon's low inventory, the Amazon seller's product replenishment procedure was updated. It's getting simpler and easier. Amazon suki because it doesn't take time at all.

Pick up products scheduled to be exhibited on the 3rd floor of Ikebukuro Seibu around the beginning of June. New holiday purses, scrunchies, paanibaggregular and paanibagSS are available. Check please!

I want to make a 3D model of paanibag using blender, so I bought Hiko's book on kindle and watched YouTube for reference. I want to do it to the completion goal in June.

That's why I finished early, went to the dealer to change the engine oil of the car, picked up the children in order on the way home, and finished today. By the way, the guideline for engine oil change is 6 months & 5000 km run.

see you tomorrow.

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