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Today is Ragimsim birth story.No14

Unfortunately it looks like rain today. Collect clothes for model shoots. I got a white T-shirt at the second-hand clothing store I went to yesterday, and it looks like it could be used. I also decided to use the clothes I made a long time ago in Ragimsim. Also, it looks like Kana's personal dress and the model's personal jeans will look good. I'm worried about the shoes, but they've come together!

Good night on Saturdays and Sundays, I am serializing the birth story of Ragimsim. Continuing from yesterday

This is how I made it at the time.

image 1

About 12.3 years ago. Like this, the leaves are sticking together and air is entering. Since it is a type of acrylic resin that hardens slowly, you can enclose it with scissors while it is soft and cut out beautiful leaves. So I left it for 2-3 days and it became ticking.

Next, while applying heat with a heat cutter (a cutter that gets hot), cut the acrylic by hand and adjust the shape. It was pretty craftsmanship lol, and I drilled holes to attach accessory parts. I will do it differently when I coat the acrylic resin again for the finish.

Put it in a hole and hang it with a transparent fishing line (pigs). Then, I came up with a method of applying acrylic resin and hardening it in the air.

The method is like this.

In one room of the house, stand up two pillars of tension rods, tie a hemp string to both tension rods on the side, hook an S-shaped wire on the hemp string, and hook a clothespin on the other side, Sandwich the leaf extremity to be finished with the clothespins. Acrylic resin is applied to the leaves hanging in the air.

I'll be using this method all the time, but more on that next week.

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