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Today is Ragimsim birth story.No13

I went to a second-hand clothing store today. I'm looking for cute clothes for a model shoot. It's nice to meet you. . At the beginning, I talked about various things, and I was allowed to see the shop. The owner was a very beautiful and kind angel, and the shop was very cute.

Good night on Saturday and Sunday, Ragimsim's birth story No. 12 will continue-

Place the dried leaves on the silicon table and soak the acrylic resin. I had a point here.

If the curing time of acrylic resin is short, considerable heat will be generated! This heat damages the color of the dried leaves, turning beautiful leaves brown.

Next, try replacing it with acrylic resin, which hardens slowly and has a long curing time. This time I was able to do it well without damaging the colors, but the leaves floated and I couldn't enclose them well.

At the timing when the leaves start to harden, it's quite difficult to sink the leaves with disposable chopsticks because air gets in and the leaves crack. Still, I was very happy that the image took shape.

See you tomorrow!

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