Ori-japan series

I made pierced earrings and earrings by coating cranes and paper balloons made of origami. It is transparent and glossy. The swaying motion around your ears will surely enhance your fashion. There are many colors and patterns!

We ask the origami instructors to actually fold each small piece of paper to make it. Attach metal fittings to them at the Hayakawa-cho atelier and coat them with resin.

All processes are manual. Each one is only one!



Origami is a traditional Japanese play where you fold a piece of paper to make various shapes such as flowers and animals.

Origami cranes are a typical example.

The dignified beauty is attractive.

Cranes are auspicious, and we hope for recovery from illness and longevity, and we also make them as a symbol of peace. Recently, he seems to put it at the bedside at an accommodation facility that welcomes foreign guests.

"May you be well" "May you be peaceful" "Nice to meet you, hello"

May the paper cranes carry the various wishes and thoughts of those who wear them.

With that feeling in mind, we made one-ear earrings and earrings for paper cranes.

Only one bird has a strong presence and is cute! Because we think.

It's easier to buy with only one ear in terms of price. Of course, it is also nice to make each one a different color or pattern and attach it to both ears.

Available in single color and patterned. Why don't you use a single color for clothes with a pattern and a pattern for simple clothes, or enjoy a mix of Japanese and Western styles.

Of course, coordination with Japanese clothes such as kimono and yukata is perfect.

In addition to everyday use, it is also recommended for ceremonies such as weddings and as gifts for celebrations such as birthdays.

Also, it is surprisingly light when attached! is.

The wings are tapered, but they are resin coated so they won't hurt if you hit them under your ears.

However, please note that you may get caught in clothes around your neck such as a muffler.

◉ Ori-gram

I made paper cranes and airplanes using paper made of rainbow-colored film material (hologram).

Since it is a fluffy material, it is extremely difficult to fold and arrange it.

Folded in a special way!

How about a special gift?

◉ Ori-balloon

Like origami cranes, balloons may have been made from origami once as a child ...?

Not only did you fold it, but you actually played with it. I hope you can attach it with such an exciting feeling.

It's just folded one by one, so it's not a square, but a little dented to give it a nice taste.

It is a warm balloon. We have arranged mainly patterned items.

◉ Kiri-moji

Express your feelings in words and letters to tell the other person. It is made by cutting two sheets of origami and pasting them together.

Enjoy the graphical shapes of kanji and hiragana.

For example, at a celebration, you can wear paper crane pierced earrings on one ear and "Shou" pierced earrings on the other.

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