New leather

What we call new leather that is not leather is that it is artificial leather (artificially made leather) rather than real leather, and it has characteristics that real leather cannot.

For details, "Suede" type of "artificial leather" of "artificial leather (faux leather)".

Faux leather is made to look and feel as genuine as possible.

There are "synthetic leather" and "artificial leather" in faux leather, and some artificial leather is closer to the texture of genuine leather.

"Suede" refers to leather that has been finely brushed with sandpaper on the back of the leather. Both real and fake are not very durable. The soft and velvety texture of suede is the greatest attraction of suede.

Both "Real Suede" and "Faux Suede" have advantages and disadvantages.

The reality is that many people actually prefer fake suede to the real thing.

Faux suede offers a wider range of benefits than choosing genuine leather.

It is superior to Real Suede in the following points.

  • As an animal-friendly alternative
  • Uniform and well-organized
  • Highly robust and resistant to discoloration
  • Easy maintenance
  • Does not shrink, harden or mold when wet
  • reasonable

The part where real suede is better is

  • More elegant
  • There is majesty
  • You can enjoy aging
  • Each one has a different texture and expression

The bag introduced here is conscious of the design that takes advantage of the goodness of "faux suede".

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