paanibag CUSTOM
paanibag CUSTOM
paanibag CUSTOM
paanibag CUSTOM
paanibag CUSTOM
paanibag CUSTOM
paanibag CUSTOM
paanibag CUSTOM
paanibag CUSTOM
paanibag CUSTOM
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paanibag CUSTOM
paanibag CUSTOM
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paanibag CUSTOM

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What about choosing the color scheme of paanibag by yourself?The colors are custom-made.We can offer as many as 190 combinations of colors.

COLOR (Please read carefully)

  • You can select the combination of 2 colors out of the 19 colors in the ‘fabric swatches’.
  • We generally recommend customers to purchase our ‘fabric swatches’ before deciding upon the colors.
  • We do not entertain return/refund claimed for difference in color from the image photo and the actual products.


Quick steps to get your chosen paanibag:

Please select “outer color” and “inner color” respectively

Please select the size.

Please place your order, drop it into the shopping cart and then move to accounts.

Note: If you wish to have the drawstring pouch in “the inner color” you have selected, please make a note in the remarks column.

Production time (We usually need about 2 months.)

The paanibag will be delivered to you.


  • Bags of custom-made colors
  • product name : paanibagsize : SS / SMALL / REGULER / LONG / BIG
  • materials : ナイロン100%
  • country : all made in JAPAN
  • paani-set: a drawstring pouch (which has the same color combinations as the bag: one color for the pouch and another color for the drawstring.)

About the color of drawstring pouch

  • The colors of drawstring pouch are generally like this – “the color you select for outer side becomes the color of the pouch itself” and “the color you select for inner side becomes the color of drawstring”. However, if you would like the opposite combination, please make a note in the remarks column of the accounts page. (Note that alternative colors other than the selected two will NOT be entertained)


We produce 20 bags at a time for convenience of production.

We sell the remaining items other than the items delivered to order, at Lagimusim.

The selling price is fixed as follows:In order to keep the price difference of each bag at a minimum, between custom-made bags and regular production,we have decided upon the following:

Note: It is not possible to reduce the prices of bags by changing the number ordered.








Click here for more information about the size and features of paanibag.


If you wish, you may post the following contents on the LagimusimSHOP website and/or Instagram.The names of colors (eg. “rape seed blossoms” and “sun”)The reason for choosing the name (about 30 words)Either your pen name or Instagram account name.


  • Meticulous care is taken to prevent damage to the fabric. We regret any defects caused while crafting the necklaces and solicit your kind consideration for the same.
  • Velcro tapes or sharp objects may cause a run in the fabric.
  • Please make sure to tie the drawstring knot tightly after you have filled the bag, before picking it up.
  • Custom-made does NOT mean producing “the only bag in the world”.
  • Since there is a factory regulation on minimum number of production of bags, Lagimusim shall put on sale the remaining quantity left over from the number ordered. (A note of “special favor” shall be attached during the period of this sale.)
  • Please understand that you cannot monopolize the sales rights and their colors before purchasing.
  • Custom-made orders are subject to changes in price, content or discontinuation without prior notice.
  • More about texture:  Here


Since this is a custom-made order, we do not entertain return or refund.

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