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I met a viper on a walk in the back mountain!! ️

Today we will restart the back mountain walk. Because I have hay fever, I was completely indoors in March and April. Yes. I'll post a picture. If you don't like snakes, please ignore it!?

image 1

After the walk, final pricing for the new holiday purse. Once this is decided, sales will start!?

By the way, the model's new product shooting scheduled for the 28th has been cancelled!

One reason is that the timing of the declaration of the state of emergency was bad, and the filming was scheduled to start on the 29th, but it started on the 25th.

Second, various shops are closed due to a request from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, making it difficult for stylists to collect items for photography.

3 Various risks of me moving out of the prefecture. became the main reason. After discussing it with the staff, we canceled it. I'm sorry.

I picked myself up and went to Shu Uemura yesterday, thinking that if it becomes difficult to shoot with various staff members in the future, I should practice a little so that I can do it myself. I learned the basics of natural makeup. Make-up products cost a lot of money, don't they?

Well then, See you tomorrow!

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