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Read the 2nd Environmental Improvement Study Group for Further Promotion of Cashless Payments to SMEs ➃

I think I'll do it because it will also be my social study.
(From 2021/10/18 new information from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry council / study group)

table of contents

1. Review of the first discussion

2, Cost structure for credit card, electronic money, code payment

3, Draft plan well known to consumers

4, Progress of verification at stores related to cashless payment

Let's start with a review of the first discussion. I will look up technical terms in the materials, words that I do not understand, and parts that I am concerned about, supplement them, and read on. The main opinions from the committee members are as follows.

This is the opinion of a member of the payment service provider on the topic of "competitive and cooperative areas."

● Regarding the boundary between the cooperative area and the competitive area, it is an issue that is difficult to judge only from the standpoint of private business operators, so it is necessary for the public and private sectors to consider it.

●With the advancement of technology, traditionally competitive areas are changing into mature areas. Under such circumstances, it is important to reconsider the areas of cooperation.

● The range of areas of cooperation and competition varies by company. Since there are many issues that will take time to discuss, it may be necessary for this study group to separate issues that should be decided in the short term from those that should be decided in the long term before proceeding with discussions.

●Even if business operators exchange opinions on fraudulent transaction methods, they are not able to cooperate well because it affects the know-how of each company. It would be good if we could discuss the criteria for the scope of cooperation, etc. at this study group meeting. Loose cooperation by multiple related industry groups is also effective.


Just in time, today we have news that Amazon will end support for Visa credit cards issued in the UK. Link to . It is a countermeasure against Visa credit card fees that can only be done by Amazon, a global e-commerce site, and I felt that Amazon is an attempt to change consumer payment behavior. On the other hand, Amazon is strengthening cooperation with Mastercard. It seems that there will be changes in each international card brand due to the technological innovation of electronic money in recent years.

I will end here for now.

Next time, we will discuss the opinions of the main committee members on the topic of policy significance and examination of indicators.

Thank you for reading.

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