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Ragimsim Birth Story.No10

good morning. Yesterday, it took me a while to change my home router from Softbank to Rakuten, so I couldn't connect to the internet at home. . . Couldn't post. . .

So, I will continue from May 1st of Ragimshim birth story.

The days of picking up beautiful fallen leaves in Kiba Park have begun. I found beautiful fallen leaves and put them in a Tupperware with a desiccant at first. After a few days it dries up, but the beautiful colors don't remain and the leaves turn into dead leaves. Next, I thought I'd try putting it between paper like pressed flowers. I tried to store it by sandwiching it between newspapers, it doesn't dry very well! If you put it between newspapers, the ink will be transferred to the leaf and it will turn black.

It was a poem book that I tried various things and arrived at the result. It's a white paper book with as little writing as possible.

So I walked around Kiba Park picking up beautiful leaves with my poem book.

See you tomorrow!

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