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Ragimsim today

Updated daily from now on.

3 months have already passed this year! The cherry blossoms are already in full bloom! it's early

It's getting warmer, and I'm looking at the instagram post of paanibag coordination, and I'm a motivated persevering raccoon!! ︎ out!! ︎

Continuing from yesterday, we will review the catchphrases of each product.

New product Holiday drawstring sample only

image 1


Fluffy color. Moment Holiday!

product copy

Shittori soft fruit silhouette. Feeling fluffy with fresh colors!

Born in Japan, raised in Yamanashi, light and washable drawstring bag.

One more thing, I want to make something convenient and cute when I don't have pockets...

Works great even when you don't have a pocket! The shawl is also good!

All right! It feels good. And consult Kana.

It doesn't seem to think about when you don't have a pocket, so it's great for going out with just your smartphone and wallet, and it's also good on your shoulder! Change it to okay 👌! I have more but tomorrow.

Today, the other day, I started selling the paanibag SS smartphone size registration on Amazon, so I increased the volume of the product page and the Kadokawa Musashino Museum Shop is handling the product, but I couldn't go there due to Corona, so I will visit you at the beginning of the week. I'll try emailing you. etc.

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