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Read the textile industry sustainability report. vol.13

I would like to study the current situation of the textile industry in Japan by reading the report of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, "Blueprint for a New Era" July 2021.

Deepen your understanding by commenting and supplementing excerpts from the report. I would like to read on in style. thank you.

This is the continuation of vol.12.

5. Promoting digitalization (2) Current situation Digitalization in the textile industry is not sufficient. At the production stage, transactions are still conducted by fax or telephone, and it is difficult for apparel companies to grasp the entire supply chain. Under such circumstances, we will introduce advanced examples in the textile industry that are working on DX. Through the image analysis of SNS by AI, it has become possible to obtain current fashion trends. The use of digital technology has also begun in the planning and production stages. By creating samples digitally, we have made it possible to commercialize products in a short period of time while conserving resources. There is also a movement to digitize communication with companies in the supply chain and digitally manage all information related to production. Also, with the development of clothing subscription services, a new business model of using clothing without owning it has emerged.

In the future, with the spread of 5G, which will be digitized more and more, everything around us will be IoT. We believe that flexible practical skills are necessary to respond to such a world and continue to change.

Today is up to here.

thank you very much.

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