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If you don't find a model for new product photography,

The weather is nice again today. I made a flowerbed in my garden. It's fun to see mint grow steadily! Five years have passed since I moved from Sumida-ku, Tokyo to Okuyamanashi, a marginal village. I'm getting used to living in nature.

image 1

Let's start Ragimshim, continuing from yesterday, about the new product model's location shooting. I decided to ask a photographer who was introduced to me by a friend. Thank you for finding someone who looks good!

However, the model and stylist are unresolved. Look for it on Instagram now! Search start with free model.

I managed to find a nice person and sent a DM! I'm getting dizzy from looking at too many... Let's search some more!

In no time, afternoon. Semi-annual financial report meeting with a tax accountant. I don't know much about corporate taxation, so it's helpful to talk about various things.

Oh no reply! I need to find more models

See you tomorrow like that.

On Saturdays and Sundays, I will talk a little bit about the birth story of Ragimsim.

nice to meet you

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