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We exhibited at the market in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I have been staying in Indonesia since the end of last month.

4 days from November 3rd to 6th last week

Held at Plaza senayan , Jakarta,

Opened a store in Brightspot market .

There were 80,000 visitors over the four days.

It is a big event held once a year.

There is also a DJ booth and live musicians, giving it a strong festival feel.

Food booth, apparel booth, cosmetics booth, miscellaneous goods booth, accessory booth.

The barber shop also had an event stall. I don't see it in Japan.

About 190 stores will be open. The focus is on small and medium-sized young brands.

It was a hot event.

About 180 paani bags were sold in 4 days.

I am very happy that the people of Indonesia like it.

It was a status report. thank you very much.

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