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Wire Knitting Phonebag

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Handmade bags made of brass wire, where the craftsmanship and aesthetics of Bali come to life.

A beautifully woven brass wire bag by a Balinese artist.
It is a gem that shines with a sense of size that fits in your hand and the delicate skills of craftsmen.
The compact size of a smartphone is also very convenient for everyday use.


  • product name : Wire Knitting Bag
  • size : SS W11cm, H19cm(center 16cm), D2cm,
  • materials : stainless, Aluminum( Nameplate)
  • country : made in Bali, Indonesia
  • Handcrafts


  • One size
  • No adjustment function

More detailed explanation

We met a wire weaving craftsman at a gallery in downtown Bali. Lampshades were exhibited as art, and bags were placed in the gallery shop.

The wire knitting craftsmen I met in Bali had really great skills. The bags they make are delicate and beautiful, and each one makes you feel the handiwork of the craftsmen. In addition, I learned that the craftsmen's techniques and works have inherited the traditional products and techniques of Bali, and I was impressed by their creativity as artists and their attitude of valuing tradition. rice field.

When we met the craftsmen, we were fascinated by the beautiful bags they created and strongly felt that we wanted to make them ourselves.

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  • silver

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