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We are making things with the concept of "Let's make it more fun now!"

Lagimusim means "now is the season" in Indonesian.

The raccoon dog's tail in the brand logo expresses the feeling of "not forgetting the playfulness" from the fun image of the raccoon dog.


In 2010 , Takeshi Higaki and Kana Muraki started their activities.

Moved from Tokyo to the countryside in 2016 as a couple.

It is produced in an environment rich in nature surrounded by mountains and rivers.

It's a little long, but I'd like to introduce you to our company and the process of making the work below.

I would appreciate it if you could join me.

Lagimusim is an Indonesian word meaning "the season again", which in turn means "now is the season".

When Higaki was still active as a butoh dancer, a dance senior wrote these words on a postcard from Indonesia where he was performing and sent it to me. After that, when it came time to launch my current work with Muraki, this word came to mind again.

Let's work while valuing "always enjoying the present"!

I felt that it represented us who thought so, so we decided on the trade name.

The raccoon dog's tail in the brand logo comes from our slogan, "motivation, perseverance, raccoon dog." The fun image of the raccoon dog expresses our desire to never forget our sense of fun. (2021.11 mark changed.)

Muraki, who studied fashion at a vocational school, and Higaki, who was also involved in creating dance stages, both love making things and are good at it!

Since starting Ragimshim, she has produced accessories and miscellaneous goods, such as earrings made of leaves hardened with resin, and bags sewn from a combination of colorful fabrics (leading to the current paani series). I also made a catalog by hand and started from jump-in sales.

In 2011, after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the paper crane earrings that I started making with all my heart, were displayed at a general store in Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi) and were well received.

Including the paani bag, it is now available at major grocery stores and museums. Sometimes we were invited to open stores at events, etc., and sales destinations gradually expanded nationwide.

My eldest son was born in the summer of 2014, when I was so busy with production that I couldn't keep up with the delivery.

However, the following year, the ward office sent us a notice of "refusal" to enter a nursery school...!

At this time, Higaki felt that he had reached the limit of his daily work. Higaki was mainly working alone from the latter half of her pregnancy, but if Muraki and I didn't work together, we wouldn't be able to do interesting work.

In the midst of despair, the two of us came to the conclusion that we should leave Tokyo. A few days after receiving the notice of non-compliance, I went to an immigration seminar. I immediately went to see the town I knew there.

When I stepped into the old private house that was introduced to me, the image of living as a family came to my mind. The town puts a lot of effort into raising children and educating children, and I felt that the atmosphere was welcoming to immigrants. After that, I visited several times, and sometimes I hesitated about moving, but in the end, the smiles of the neighbors' grandfathers and grandmothers were the decisive factor.

After moving to the countryside, the way I work has completely changed.

When I was in Tokyo, I was busy making things, having meetings in the evenings, and researching stores to study. I was tired, but I thought it was normal.

Here, there are no business partners or shops to go out. We were able to set our own working hours, concentrate on our work, and live at our own pace. Communication with business partners is mainly by e-mail or telephone. I often go to Tokyo once or twice a month for business trips, but the distance is not so painful.

In the spring of 2017, the second son was born. We decide that weekends are family time, and we go out to rivers, lakes, the sea, etc. as a family. When my child gets a little older, I wonder if I can go mountain climbing...

Since moving here, I have been blessed with several new encounters, such as working with a factory. We also receive new ideas and technical advice. I am also inspired by the nature around me. Thanks to you, the contents of the work have been further enhanced.

Customers, people around us, business partners and related parties, and us creators. So that everyone involved in the work can have fun. With that in mind, I would like to continue my activities.

Thank you very much!


Kana Muraki and Takeshi Higaki



Kana Muraki

[Draftsman Joshi] Ragim Co., Ltd. Representative Director

Established Lagimusim. We converted the “leaf” into an “accessory” and one year later, it was sold as a product at Roppongi Midtown. Converted "origami" into "accessories" and sold 2 million yen a month. Currently, our products are available at major locations throughout Japan, such as Shibuya Hikarie and the Open Air Museum.

Takeshi Higaki

[turbine man]

His special skill is to draw out and enhance people's energy to the maximum extent, and to transform it into great power while maintaining balance. As a member of an elite performing arts group, he has been active both in Japan and abroad, such as being invited to museums overseas. Worked as a stage creator at Roppongi SuperDeluxe (art event space) as a member of the elite few, and developed into a popular space where events that were only held on weekends are held every day. Retired at the age of 32. Established Lagimusim.

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