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party pouch

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Show off your brilliance. Transparency to enjoy at the party pouch

The party pouch has a happy design that looks like blooming flowers, and has an eye-catching frill.
It matches the cool style and brings out the femininity in the bag at once.
The semicircular shape and frills create a graceful silhouette that will surely appeal to you even if you can see it through the bag.
The soft paani fabric and tulle material are combined to achieve a three-dimensional transparency.
Although it is compact, it can securely store necessary items, making it a useful item for daily life.


  • product name : paani party pouch
  • size: h16.5cm×w20cm+frill
  • materials: 100% nylon
  • country: All made in JAPAN
  • Manufacturer: Lagimusim
  • Factory: Yamanashi Prefecture (Skett Factory: Tokyo)
  • Fabric: Tohoku region


  • Because there are many sewing processes, the fabric may be damaged. We are very careful. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Be careful not to tangle with Velcro or sharp objects.

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