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flower scrunchie

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Flower scrunchie to add glamor to your hairstyle

A flower scrunchie with a vivid sense of sheerness that lifts your mood.
It works as an accent color and accents your coordination.
The large design adds gorgeousness with just one scrunchie.
The two shades are mixed together to look like one big flower.
A fluffy silhouette that looks like it's blooming and goes well with any hairstyle.
Color is not just a decoration, it is a tool to express yourself.
Find your own color and have fun expressing yourself.


  • product name : paani chouchou
  • size: one
  • materials: 100% nylon, rubber (silver glitter)
  • country: All made in JAPAN
  • Manufacturer: Lagimusim
  • Factory: Yamanashi Prefecture
  • Fabric: Tohoku region


  • Because there are many sewing processes, the fabric may be damaged. We are very careful. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Be careful not to tangle with Velcro or sharp objects.

More detailed explanation

Photo description

  • Actual colors may differ slightly from those on your screen.

color details

  • MediumPurple = Outer S.purpe*Inner
  • Dark Orange = outer orange* inner pink
  • Spring Green = Outer* Inside L.yellow

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