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Today is Ragimsim birth story.No15

good morning. Today we will play in the park after the gymnastics teacher who loves children. After that, recently, I was thinking about shooting, and I wanted to use the best camera function of my mobile phone, so I went to see the iPhone12 pro MAX. You can shoot brightly! I will buy it even though it is expensive.

Let's continue from last week's Ragimsim Birth Story 14.

Ever since I figured out how to hang and harden the acrylic resin coating, I've been using this method for leaf coating. It takes time to increase the strength by coating it many times, but the finish is beautiful. The success rate is high, and we can read the quantity and period of production at one time.

The acrylic parts with beautifully colored leaves are finally completed.

I bought the parts at Kiwa Seisakusho in Asakusabashi and made earrings.

It was quite difficult, but I was able to give shape to the idea.

But how do you sell it? It's going to be. Again, this is difficult. I'll talk about that sort of thing tomorrow!

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