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Today is the birth story of Ragimsim.No16

Great weather Sunday. On the way back from buying pineapples, I went to Hamazushi in response to the children's request. A child in elementary school ate 10 plates. You're already eating that much! Then go to the usual park. There were so many people that my child got lost and was in a hurry. it was good.

It was that kind of Sunday.

Let's continue from yesterday's Ragimsim Birth Story 15.

I want to sell these beautifully colored leaf earrings. First, I created a catalog. I also have a good camera, so I took some pictures while I was picking up leaves in the mountains. Also taking pictures of pierced earrings. The product name is simply HAPPA and the price is 2500 yen. I decided to sell one ear. Because they don't have the same leaves. It's difficult to put a price on it, but we intuitively decided on our own. Now that I think about it, I think it will be 5.6 thousand yen. It takes a lot of time to make, so it's special.

Also, think of a catchphrase-like word. I asked my friend's professional dancer to be a model and took a picture of the model. We do it all ourselves.

The information in the catalog I made for the first time was the product name, tagline, product price, shots, artist photo, and model photo. only.

I filed about 3 sheets of A4 paper and made about 10 copies.

Then, I went to a nearby bookstore and bought a book featuring cool grocery stores in Tokyo, and picked out about 10 shops that I liked.

And I sent the catalog I made to my favorite grocery store.

And there were responses from two houses.

More to come next week

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