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Postponed shooting due to heavy rain.

  • Due to heavy rain from the morning, the planned model shoot was postponed. I can't help it, so eat the fruit I bought for props ❣️

    Taiwanese pineapple that you can eat to the core! Sweet!?

    image 1

    For the time being, finish the clerical work that has been piling up. With a heavy rain warning, pick up the children! Too much rain!

    While the children were playing games and making noise, I asked the sewing factory to contact me at the last minute to attach a woven name tag to the new canvas tote. And since the woven name tag is no longer available, I ordered one. We also talked about the situation on the phone. It's pretty tough everywhere due to corona.

    It was a day of heavy rain. .

    Well then, See you tomorrow.

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