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If you can't find a model locally,

It's the end of the month! Before Golden Week! In the morning, finish the clerical work and go for a walk in the back hill.

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The wind is strong today, and every time the wind blows, the mountains turn green. The wind blows away yesterday and old seasons. Gathered yesterday and today's green. Being in nature makes the change of seasons fun.

After the walk, I will look for a local model. Since the state of emergency has been declared, it is difficult to get together in Tokyo for shooting, so I would like to shoot locally. I'll do makeup, stylist and director, Kana will be the photographer, and I'm looking for a model to shoot in my hometown. I think it would be nice if we could do it ourselves and get better at it little by little.

I wanted to practice makeup, but see you tomorrow! ,,

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