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In the afternoon, the first day of the PTA general meeting from participating in class observation.

Today, after visiting elementary school classes in the afternoon, there will be a talk about the PTA general meeting. It takes a lot of time

Every Friday, I feel quite tired, so I hope Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are a day off nationwide.

Also, yesterday, I exchanged contracts with business partners using electronic seals for the first time. It's so easy! This is an electronic seal GMO signature service. There is no exchange of sending documents until now, and I want all contract-related matters to become electronic seals.

If you reply to emails, it will be in the afternoon soon!

I wanted to create a short video linking stop-motion shots at the end of the month in a short amount of time, so I drew it as I came up with it!

image 1

image 2

I want you to come up with good ideas

Well then, See you tomorrow.

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