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GW was all good this week~

Good morning 😃 Friday without the GW lag. What do you think? GW was all good this week. .

Well, let's get to work. First of all, I will finish the packaging work of the products I have at hand and various clerical work, next, I searched for a cute girl like a model on Instagram for the new product shoot. Succeeded in finding a very nice person! DM me! i hope i get a reply

From the afternoon, I researched about IT introduction business registration.

Ragimsim's HP is made using shopify (HP production tool), and we are also shopify partner certified (shopify official). Therefore, we are working to prepare a service for businesses who want to create a website using shopify.

However, there is no sales record for this service yet.

If anyone wants to make and sell HP, please feel free to contact me.

see you tomorrow

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