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Today is Ragimsim birth story.No22

Today, I went to Bronco Billy because I wanted to eat steak from yesterday. It's been a long time since I've had a lot of meat and my brain is showering. I want to come once a month and become a macho.

At night, when I put the children to bed, I read the picture book Niku no Kuni. The kings of sukiyaki, tonkatsu, hamburgers, and various other meat dishes compete for the top spot. Today was meat day.

On Saturdays and Sundays, we will talk about the birth story of Ragimsim. It is from the continuation of NO21 yesterday.

First day of the exhibition. I went to the venue with fashionable clothes I bought at a friend's shop in Nakameguro. Anyway, the strategy is to distribute the catalog to everyone who passes by the booth. However, there are no customers at all. . I had an image that it would be as crowded as New Year's visit, but it was completely different.

As I learned later, this exhibition was originally an attempt to scale up the joint exhibition of 3.4 companies. It was a freshly made exhibition with almost no new buyers.

I asked the company that invited us, "How many catalogs do you need?" He advised me, "For you guys, maybe about 200 copies."

I brought 2000 copies. It was really heavy and difficult to carry. In the end, we gave out about 100 copies over the course of three days, and brought back about 1,900 copies. I messed up.

When I was observing the situation around me, I noticed that they were not handing out catalogs. That is right. I only give it to buyers who are seriously interested in the product, and when I give them the catalog, I always exchange business cards. I learned the flow.

There are quite a few times when there are no customers at all. At times like that, you can talk about various things with the booth next door or the one in front of you and become friends.

So, I asked Mr. Imai (who is very kind) from the booth next to me to tell me what he would actually talk to the buyer about. You will learn something very important there. This is the upper and lower generation settings.

The upper price is the selling price. Lower prices are wholesale prices. For example:

Product A Selling price 1000 yen Wholesale price 600 yen

I do business with buyers at wholesale prices.

We learned about this system for the first time. In addition, I keep hearing that there are various guidelines for the ratio of wholesale price to the selling price, such as 60% to 40%, and that a total of 30,000 yen or more is a guideline for a line that offers free shipping. Mr. Imai taught me. Thank you very much ❣️

Of course, it doesn't go very well. The first day is over when I can't get any catalogs or business cards.

See you next week.

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