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Forest tree frog

Yesterday was the town's firefly viewing event, but it just started to rain and I could only see about 20 fireflies. In a damp and warm climate, it's a lot of fun to fly about 150 of them. disappointing.

The egg on the tree the other day turned out to be a tree tree frog egg. When I checked today, there were two!

image 1

After completing the catalog mail-order shipping work, finishing various email correspondences, the long packaging work is finally over. www

In addition, I am making a website for a new EC construction business. In addition, preparation for subsidized projects, etc.

Finally, when I try to print a label to stock Amazon, I can't print because there is no ink. or! In the meantime, I bought ink on Amazon Prime, and it should arrive tomorrow.

Well then, See you tomorrow.

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