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Plant Hanger

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Color: Dark Orange


For the accent color of gardening

The green of the plant and the vivid color of the paani fabric are a perfect match!
The upper ring part can be passed through a rod such as a curtain rail,
Use S-shaped hooks and strings to decorate your room.


  • product name : PlantHanger
  • size: total length 100cm
  • materials: 100% nylon
  • country: All made in JAPAN
  • Manufacturer: Lagimusim
  • Factory: Handmade by Mr. Yamaoka
  • Fabric: Tohoku region


Each one is hand-knitted using the knitting method used for Misanga.

  • round quads
  • flat knit
  • ball clasp
  • crochet


  • Because it is handmade, it may feel uneven.
  • Because there are many sewing processes, the fabric may be damaged. We are very careful. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Be careful not to tangle with Velcro or sharp objects.
  • Learn more about fabrics here .
  • Potted plants are not included.

Photo description

  • Actual colors may differ slightly from those on your screen.
  • About pot size
*For your reference, it depends on the size of the plant.

No. 3 (9 cm in diameter)

publish This is the size of the bowl in the photo (white background).

No. 4 (12 cm in diameter)

Good balance.

No. 5 (15 cm in diameter)

It is big and is good to this rank.

No. 6 (18 cm in diameter)

Not recommended.

  • Instead of potted plants, you can hang cut flowers in glass vases or vases for a cute look♡


  • MediumPurple = S.purpe*
  • DarkOrange = orange*pink

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