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配送料 はチェックアウト時に計算されます。

color: red


Let's entrust various words and fly in the sky.

"I wish you well" "I wish you peace" "Nice to meet you, hello"
We hope that the paper cranes will carry the various wishes and thoughts of those who wear them.
With our feelings in mind, we made paper crane ear piercings and earrings.


  • product name: Ori-crane
  • size : wingspan of about 4cm
  • materials : metal part is brass/origami/resin


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  • It is sold one ear at a time.
  • I have earrings and earrings. Please do not make a mistake. The color of metal fittings cannot be changed.
  • The appearance of the pattern changes depending on the position of the origami and how it is folded.

Delivery Information

  • Free shipping on orders over 5000 yen. Click here for shipping and delivery times.
  • If you would like wrapping, please purchase from here .

Photo description

  • Actual colors may differ slightly from those on your screen.

Color details

  • Hardware gold color
    • red = plain red
    • houou = large floral pattern
    • flowers = small flower pattern
    • kon = dark blue check
    • asa-red = Hemp pattern red (geometric henp-leaf pattern)
    • river = river image
    • Kiriko = image of cut glass
    • Ukraine color = Ukraine flag
  • Metal fittings silver color
    • merry = image of an amusement park
    • asa-blue = turquoise blue with hemp pattern (geometric henp-leaf pattern)

We will donate 1% of Ori-crane sales.

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