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Purse found

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color: Soft pink

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"Don't lose it anymore! Don't look for it!"

What do you always get lost in your bag?
Lips, eye drops, keys...
Tie it to the strap of your bag◎
With a color that stands out
It becomes interior by hanging it on the wall◎
Perfect size for candy.


  • product name : Purse found
  • size: SMALL h9.5cm, w10cm
  • materials : 100% nylon + acrylic beads
  • country: All made in JAPAN
  • Factory: Yamanashi Prefecture (Skett Factory: Tokyo)
  • Fabric: Tohoku region


  • The fabric may be damaged during the sewing process. We are very careful.
  • Be careful not to tangle with Velcro or sharp objects.

Learn more about fabrics here .

Delivery Information

  • Free shipping on orders over 5000 yen. Click here for shipping and delivery times.
  • If you would like wrapping, please purchase from here .

Photo description

  • Actual colors may differ slightly from those on your screen.


  • DarkOrange = orange string pink

  • Pink = string

  • LightSkyBlue = string L.yellow

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