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I made a wholesale site.

It's been raining since morning today. It looks like the forecast is for heavy rain. So my children's elementary school was closed. It was quite a day to get the job done.

Still, it's important to make some progress. Start with something relatively easy and enjoy a small sense of accomplishment.

And finally I made a lagimusimWholesale site. Just around the beginning of last month, I received a transaction from a store in Hong Kong and requested a bank transfer from Hong Kong, but this is not going well. The first mistake was not to convey the information of the intermediary bank. The bad thing is that the refund fee is ridiculously high! The second time was an error in entering the transfer destination information on the customer's side. In the first place, it was my mistake in proposing a transaction involving an intermediary bank for overseas remittance. I should have chosen credit or paypal from the beginning. In order to solve this long trouble today, I created a Wholesale site and was able to make a credit card payment without any problems. I can finally ship my parcel. You did it!

In Japan, there is no credit card payment for transactions with corporations, but I think that credit card payments are more profitable for individual stores because they can earn points, so I will propose it from now on.

It was such a rainy day.

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