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I did it

It's the end of the month. Finish the usual month-end clerical work.

Today is the last spurt to submit the application for the deadline. If you do not understand the part, read the application guidance text. It's useless if you don't know what the other person wants to know. I will answer it accurately. It's really hard to write this. It's really hard to make various attached materials.

I manage to finish it 20 minutes before the deadline and press the application button. Then another fill-in link appears and the end. I did it. It was no good unless I had a little more leeway to write. It is important to read the application requirements carefully. Should I make use of my regrets next time?

However, I didn't make it in time for the application, and I didn't feel like I had done it, and I felt like I was getting tired.

I still have another important application, so I want to finish this one.

Well then, See you tomorrow.

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