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梨花全盛期のsweet みたいな‼️

It's like sweet in Ewha's heyday!! ️

Good morning from deep in the mountains. It's a little chilly morning. Start by sending the children to school or nursery school.

For the past few days, I've been coordinating a shoot with a model scheduled for the end of the month. From the make-up stylist, isn't it good to shoot at night? I had a suggestion. The cameraman went to preview the new location candidate site on the same day. And everyone is too nice.

Around the lunch break, I was able to share the image with the stylist, and I moved forward little by little. Suite in Rinka's heyday!?

But first, I will reply to emails. I was even more concerned. I tried to apply for exhibition recruitment for overseas buyers sponsored by JETRO, but the three product images could not be authenticated no matter what I did, and it was time to pick up the nursery school!?

Before and after that, I bang my head three times against the beams of the house and get dizzy! I live while renovating an old private house, but basically the ceiling is low, so I'm careful by hanging strings from the beams.

image 1

That's it, see you tomorrow.

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