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A day passed quickly.

good morning. It was a rainy morning, but it's expected to clear up because the clouds over the mountains are heading towards the sky. I forgot to take a picture of the essential morning!

Well now~, I will quickly finish the email and stock confirmation. For the model shoot on the 28th, I'm flipping through the photo book. Pachiri the photos you care about, and give them to the group line of the photographer and the stylist. Just for image sharing. But after getting the basics through and gathering a certain amount, I proceed with the feeling of setting a direction for this material.

But be careful as the photographer may not like it!

Also, the number of proposals for a park in Setagaya Ward, which is a candidate location, has increased, and I feel a little relieved!

During lunch break. . .

As expected, it cleared in the afternoon. After living in Okuyama for 5 years, I can understand it somehow.

After the photo collection, I checked various brands on Instagram, and that's it for today. .

see you tomorrow. .

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