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I can't shoot as I want

Today, after sending the children off to school and kindergarten, Kana seems to have stiff shoulders, so I give her a massage.

After doing all sorts of miscellaneous tasks, I'm going to flip through the pages of the photo book again today!

In the afternoon, go to an Instagrammable cafe and practice the composition that you studied in the photo book!

But I can't take pictures like I thought.

After that, I had a phone meeting with the photographer.

Check the following.

The use of the image taken this time is to use it for HP and Instagram.

I wanted one cut for each product, so I wanted four cuts: drawstring, canvas tote, scrunchie, and plant hanger.

Plus, I want a look image of the color variations of each product.

For both the image and the look, it is easy to imagine how to use the product, and it is easy to understand. Fashionable, art system is what I want supplementary.

What I want to finish in 3.4 hours on the day. Because it's just tiring if it's long.

So, I would like to have 1 or 2 locations. But it hasn't been decided yet, so please let me know if you have any good points. But I don't want to spend time, so within 2-3 days.

If it rains on the day, schedule adjustments for a backup day.

Sharing similar things and materials, such as the image and composition of each other's shooting this time.

And so on, I contacted the person concerned with the summary.

Well then, See you tomorrow!

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