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Drawstring found catchphrase

New year, second day. The weather was fine and the children went to school and kindergarten in good spirits. The house is quiet for the first time in a while.

Today, I'm going to write catchphrases and product sentences for each product I've been working on recently! Start from!

Drawstring found Palm-sized chibi drawstring. Continuing from April 2nd

image 1

Category Genre is an important accessory case, candies and sweets bag, a bag for things that are lost or found.

Persona For those who don't know where they are! That's all humans

Contents (many words to describe the charm of the product) Small, conspicuous color, contents can be seen, material that stretches sideways, stuffed into a round shape, round and cute, filled with candies for children I kept it hidden in my eye drops I used to put coins in the arcade I put the coins on the wall and put wildflowers on it I just hung it on the wall I put my keys in it It doesn't matter how many I have If I was a child I found a treasure chest If I was old I used to take medicine Put in something that smells good Put in grape jelly Put in peach jelly Can be used as a cute package for sweets 100% nylon Washable Japanese fabric Sewing in Yamanashi Easy gift to give to everyone

Let's focus on colors that are easy to find and accessories that are easy to lose!


For all those who don't know where they put it! I won't look for it anymore, I won't lose it

Product introduction sentence

The bright color makes it easy to find, and the transparent material makes it easy to see what's inside.

Put small items that get lost!

The 100% nylon material that stretches horizontally and is washable was born in Japan and sewn in Yamanashi.

You can decorate it on the wall and use it as an accent color for your room.

Candies and sweets can be put in, making it a good gift for children.

In such a place, let me sleep for a while, next,

New product registration of handmade plant hanger on Amazon, it takes time to reflect. The product is available in 2 colors.

image 2

Image 3

I think it's a long-tail product for Amazon, and I'd like to prepare product information little by little.

After the lunch break, I talked with Kana.

We talked about whether there was a culture we liked and whether we could do something together with that culture, but we both said no. So, isn't it? I thought it would be better to collaborate with my friends, but something didn't come to my mind. Yes.

In the end, we settled on clarifying what Ragimshim is. The colors are beautiful, but I realized that I had to think more concretely about it. My head became a little heavy when I said that if you don't do it, you won't be able to convey it.

see you tomorrow.

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