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Ragimsim today

This morning, after dropping off my eldest son, who is in the first grade of elementary school, I will drive my second son, 4 years old, to the nursery school bus stop, which takes 30 minutes to and from. Experience the loop every morning in the future! Yeah, I'm sleepy 🥱 Okay okay if you get used to it.

Today, I received a contact from a business partner that has not yet been submitted, such as an invoice and incorporation registration documents. ️ I forgot. It looks like it's going to take a while,,, I'm going to submit something and finish it.

I was talking to a stylist I used to work with, and I was going to talk about a new product and a model shoot, but it seems that there are a lot of plans for April and May, so it's a blank slate! ️By the way, I asked professional photographers and models who belong to the office about the price of the guarantee, but of course it's a professional price. . .

For the time being, I decided to ask my friends if they knew the photographer, stylist, and model, so I sent them a message.

Everyone is getting old, so the people I know are professionals. The problem is that it's hard to ask casually, but if you see a young child with a sense of taste, I would be happy if you could contact me 😆

Back to normal business, we have Lagimusim products listed in catalogs such as wedding gifts. Click here for catalog

VENT OUEST All price

If you have such an opportunity, I would appreciate it.

I've had some orders, so I'm preparing to ship them.

Have a nice day ! see you tomorrow !

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