pool bag
pool bag
pool bag
pool bag
pool bag
pool bag
pool bag
pool bag
pool bag
pool bag
pool bag
pool bag
pool bag
pool bag
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pool bag

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2020 new work

Waterproof bag for pool, sea and summer leisure!

Matte transparency, soft and supple texture despite being a vinyl material.
The beauty of overlapping colors, the round shape and the frills make it look like a flower.
Please carry it with one shoulder or in a backpack style.
For adults, but also for children's pool bags ◎


  • product name: Pool bag
  • size: W41.5cm, H31cm
  • materials: materials:PU 100%, frills and strings are 100% Nylon
  • country: made in JAPAN

Material characteristics

The material of this product is not PVC (polyvinyl chloride)PU (Polyurethane).
PVC is relatively cheaper to get, but in terms of breathability, elasticity and flexibilityPU Inferior to.PU Is soft and supple.

  • It is a material in which stains caused by fingerprints and scratches caused by friction are easily noticeable.
  • Do not use the bag for a long time with the bag wet or with a wet object inside.
  • If you put a heavy object in it, the dough may stretch and it will easily deteriorate.
  • When used in a humid place, it may chemically react with moisture and the surface may become tattered (hydrolyzed).
  • It is highly water repellent and easy to clean, but the basic maintenance is dry wiping.


  • It is not completely waterproof due to the seams.
  • Be careful not to squeeze the string and frill material with Velcro or sharp objects.

Photo description

  • The actual color may be slightly different from the screen.

Production Story

I was attracted to this material because I wanted to make a bag with a waterproof function. However, it is not compatible with the sewing machine and sewing is very difficult. The sewing machine broke down when I was making a sample. I thought about various means such as making by heat treatment, but the garment factory accepted this difficult sewing and was able to commercialize it.

Color details

  • pink = front is pink, back is yellow, frills are S.yellow and S.blue, string S.yellow.
  • blue = The front is blue and the back is yellow, the frills are S.purple and S.yellow, and the string S.purple.
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