1. Soft and light

2. It's surprisingly okay to put heavy things in! (*)

3. Can be carried small as a set with a pouch

4. Reversible and enjoyable colors

5. The position of the knot can be changed (feature of paanibag)

6. Can be washed (how to care for the fabric)

(*) Please note that if you insert a sharp or angular object, it may be torn. It is not a guarantee, and you are responsible for putting valuable things inside.

(*) The contents I bought at the supermarket in the photo below weigh 4.6 kg. I put 3 2 liter PET bottles and tested it for 1 year, but there is no problem. Since it has not been tested for durability, its strength is not guaranteed.

(*) Make sure that the knot is tightly tied before using.

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