Fabric swatches of 19 colors
Fabric swatches of 19 colors
Fabric swatches of 19 colors
Product image 1Fabric swatches of 19 colors
Product image 2Fabric swatches of 19 colors
Product image 3Fabric swatches of 19 colors

Fabric swatches of 19 colors

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This is a sample of fabric swatches of the 19 colors of the ‘paani’ series.For those who are considering custom-made, it is recommended to first acquire the fabric swatches in hand.

By looking at the actual 19 color samples physically,you can understand better and thus confirm the color to be used as a single color, as well as the combination of two overlapping colors.


  • Fabric swatches of 19 colors in the ‘paani’ series
  • A sheet of paper with the list of names for each color


Care should be taken while handling the fabric swatches to avoid injury caused by staples used to attach the fabric.

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[Coupon that discounts the purchase price (tax excluded) of this product can be used when ordering a custom-made paanibag later] 

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More about texture:Here

Click here for more information on the features of paanibag :Here

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