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Introduction of all types of Ori- series

​ I made earrings and earrings by coating cranes and paper balloons made with origami. Transparent and glossy. The way it sways around your ear is sure to enhance your style. There are many colors and patterns!

We ask our origami instructors to actually fold small pieces of paper one by one. Metal fittings are attached to them at Ragimshim's atelier and coated with resin.

​ All processes are done by hand. Each one is unique!

Origami is a traditional Japanese game that folds a sheet of paper to create various shapes such as flowers and animals.

Origami cranes are the most representative.

The dignified beauty is attractive.

Cranes are auspicious, and they are made to pray for recovery from illness and longevity, and also as a symbol of peace. Recently, it seems that some accommodation facilities that welcome foreign guests place them by their pillows.

"I wish you well" "I wish you peace" "Nice to meet you, hello"

We hope that the paper cranes will carry the various wishes and thoughts of those who wear them.

With our feelings in mind, we made paper crane ear piercings and earrings.

The one eared bird has a strong presence and is cute! Because we think

In terms of price, one ear only is easier to buy. Of course, it's also nice to have different colors and patterns on each side and wear them on both ears.

There are solid colors and patterns. How about using a single color for patterned clothes and patterned clothes for simple clothes, or enjoying a mix of Japanese and Western styles?

Of course, it goes well with Japanese clothing such as kimonos and yukatas.

In addition to everyday use, it is also recommended for ceremonies such as weddings, and as gifts for celebrations such as birthdays.

Also, when you put it on, it's surprisingly light! is.

The tips of the wings are tapered, but they are resin-coated, so they won't hurt even if they bump under your ears.

However, it may get caught in clothes around the neck, such as scarves, so please be careful.

◉ Origram

We made origami cranes and airplanes using rainbow-colored film material (hologram) paper.

​Since it is a flimsy material, it would be extremely difficult to fold and arrange it.

Folded in a special way!

How about a special present?

◉ Ori-balloon

Balloons, just like paper cranes , have you made with origami once when you were a child ?

You didn't just fold it, you actually played with it, didn't you? I hope you can wear it with such excitement.

It is folded one by one, so it is not square, but has a slight indentation that gives it a nice taste.

A warm balloon. I arranged the patterned items in the center.

◉ Kiri-moji

Express your feelings in words or in writing. It is made by cutting two pieces of origami and pasting them together.

Enjoy the graphical forms of kanji and hiragana.

For example, at a celebratory occasion, how about wearing an origami crane earring on one ear and a Kotobuki earring on the other.

◉ Ori-plane

A love letter I couldn't give. The answer sheet that was not shown. I made it into a paper airplane and flew it.

I made a lot of memories like that.


Lucky items such as daruma dolls and beckoning cats can be made into cute earrings.


I made it with the image of a single pretty flower blooming in the field.

Pierce specifications. A flower blooms on the earlobe and a pearl shines under the ear.

◉ Ori-bon

I'm making a ribbon from a piece of origami.

Accented with a shining stone in the middle of the transparent ribbon and a pearl under the ear .

◉paper chain


The faces of animals such as cats, ferrets, and pigs are printed on origami and folded.

It's a cute face that looks like it's in a picture book.

◉Ori-crane Kanzashi

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