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Taiwan EC mall information please

Nice weather is the best. It's the nursery school's spring excursion, so I made a bento. After sending to the nursery school bus.

Ragimushim start! Today, I will start researching foreign EC mall openings.

Since it is listed on Amazon, there was a service called global selling, but the North American and EU markets have been suspended due to the effects of Corona, and there is no recognition of Ragimsim, so it seems to be quite difficult, so I will postpone it.

In Instagram's insight information, we have access from Hong Kong and Taiwan, so we will target Hong Kong and Taiwan.

I happened to have a junior from the Ankoku Butoh era in Taiwan, so I contacted him and got local information.

Taiwan EC mall information!?

My junior girlfriend seems to be doing most of her shopping at pinkoi!

Shrimp skin shopee
Anyway, there is anything, even individuals can exhibit, there may be fakes!

PC Home
Genuine products, mainly Yodobashi electrical appliances.

MoMo shopping platform
Impression that there are many regular products and daily necessities.

Open-air beats
Yahoo auction-like.

Pinkoihttps ://
There are many fashionable goods and clothes, Japanese for young people is also available

Rakuten Taiwan Market
Taiwan version of Rakuten.


Listen to other things lightly and think about it,

Ragimsim's shopping site is made with shopify, and this shopify can be used globally, so if you make the existing site compatible with the languages ​​​​of Taiwan and Hong Kong and introduce the mainstream local settlement method, you can purchase. And it can be shipped from a Japanese warehouse. Maybe!

But can you attract customers to the site? is quite a problem. . .

Even if there is no local base, there is a possibility that sales may be possible. It's so convenient!?

In the direction of arranging the site little by little.

Take a walk in the hills behind without having lunch. The walnut tree has a tropical feel to it.

image 1

In the afternoon, I would like to rent the model's clothes, so I sent an email to the store of my choice to see if they could rent it.

Contact us from your business.

Secretly doing clerical work and running out of time.

see you tomorrow.

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